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Occupational Safety and Health

Creating Mentally and Physically Pleasant Workplaces

Creating Mentally and Physically Pleasant Workplaces

Raising Employees’ Awareness of Health and Creating Mentally and Physically Pleasant Workplaces

Promoting Measures to Maintain and Improve Employee Health, and Improve Working Environments, in Order to Prevent Work-related Diseases

We are working to improve our health systems on a companywide basis under our Code of Conduct, which states “We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our stakeholders.”
We are committed to continually improving workplace environments to prevent work-related diseases, including stepped-up efforts to manage hazardous substances (poisonous substances, toxic substances, chemicals) and prevent exposure.
Starting from April 2018, we have worked to consolidate the institutions in charge of health examinations within the Company as well as initiated a centralized system managing digitized health information, such as physical examination results. This has facilitated more accurate health management and work effectivization. We identify health challenges based on data, thereby drafting and implementing even more effective health promotion measures. Further, in 2019 we began to upgrade the aforementioned system to make it easier to use. In February 2020, we were recognized by Nippon Kenko Kaigi under the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (large enterprise category). Their high evaluation was the result of our initiatives for health and productivity management taken from various perspective, such as counselling provided by clinical psychologists and other measures for preventing the mental health problems of employees. We will make further efforts to enhance health and productivity management by collaborating with the Mitsubishi Materials Health Insurance Society.

Stepping Up Mental Healthcare Initiatives

We continually provide various mental healthcare training as a form of primary preventive care for mental health issues (such as improving workplace environments and providing training). As part of “line-care” training for management personnel, clinical psychologists from Head Office are scheduled to visit all of our sites every two years. In terms of “self-care” training, we select members of staff at each facility to undergo training, so that they can assume the role of instructors as we roll out training to all employees. We also provide mental health training as part of our position-specific training programs. Starting from fiscal 2019, all employees who have been with us for three years get to talk to the clinical psychologist stationed at each plant, in an effort to forestall mental health issues. We expanded this initiative in fiscal 2020, and now all employees who have been with us for 30 or 31 years also get to talk to clinical psychologists from the Head Office.
By way of secondary and tertiary preventive mental healthcare (such as early response to employees with mental health issues and support for their return to work), we continue to offer meetings and consultations with industrial healthcare staff at each of our sites. For employees who are taking time off, we have created and operate an internal program and manual for the return to work, use external back-to-work programs, and take other initiatives to provide them with thorough support for their return to work after recovery.
We operate a stress-check system at all facilities, including those with less than 50 workers, and offer meetings with physicians as needed. Moreover, we are committed to further strengthening our mental health measures for example by applying the results of group analysis to our workplace improvement activities.