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Development of Diverse Talents

Development of Diverse Talents

Development of Diverse Talents

Talent Development System

Our talent development system consists of “P-common training (Training common to professional talent),” which is aimed at developing management skills related to people and organizations, “MMC Core Training” for learning matters related to safety and health (S), legal compliance and the environment (C), and quality (Q) as well as our technologies and strategies, training for selected employees, career training, and personal development support plans, etc. In particular, we believe that it is important that every employee takes the initiative themselves to think about their career and expertise and to voluntarily pursue the personal development needed to achieve their goals. Reflecting this belief, in April 2022 we began to operate the new talent development system based on three core elements: establish an environment for autonomous learning including an online training video distribution service, provide opportunities for employees to think about their careers, and provide training opportunities for learning management and other skills that are appropriate for the role of the each employee.
Through these initiatives to develop talent, we will contribute to fostering an organizational culture of adapting flexibly and promptly to changes in society and business environment and taking on challenges.

Talent Development System (non-consolidated)

Talent development system (non-consolidated)

Employee Training (non-consolidated)

Total hours of training (annual) Average hours per employee (annual)
151,000 hours 22.4 hours
  • Subjects of the above data for education and training program hours include non-regular employees as well as regular employees.
  • The above disclosures include data for employees belonging to the Cement Business but do not include data for those belonging to the Aluminum Business.

Leadership Values in the Mitsubishi Materials Group

In February 2016, in order to clarify the competencies and skills commonly held by the leaders in our Group’s various businesses, we drew up the Leadership Values in the Mitsubishi Materials Group (hereinafter “Leadership Values”), which is to be used as a set of guidelines for our leadership development.
Among the three Leadership Values listed, “Integrity and Spirit of a Leader” has especially deep roots in our tradition of commitment and responsibility for the safety and livelihood of our employees. Our Group traces its roots back to the era of coal and metal mining, where the workplace sometimes put one's life in danger. This value is therefore universal among requisite leadership qualities that have been passed down unbroken through generations in the Group and was selected as one of core values through keen discussions among management.
Our Leadership Values are reflected in performance assessment of managers in the Company. This is aimed at encouraging higher-ranked employees to lead the awareness reform and embody the Leadership Values. The Company’s management trainings have been designed in accordance with our Leadership Values, which afford employees opportunities for leadership development appropriate to the various stages of their careers.
We have also commenced initiatives at each Group company seeking to achieve further penetration of these values within each company.

Next-Generation Leadership Talents Development Programs

We established the “Next-Generation Leadership Talent Development Program” in fiscal 2006 and we have developed future leaders with the aim of developing qualified candidates for executives. Against the backdrop of promoting the complete In-house Company system and reforms of human resource measures, we revised the program. This revised program, based on development plans that emphasize work experience that are changed from previous training-centered programs, is to select high potential talents from younger generations and develop them to become leaders with cross-divisional and Group-wide perspectives.