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Talent Development

Talent Development

Talent Development

Basic Approach to Talent

The Group views its employees as creators of new values and sources of business competitiveness. We consequently seek to be a company that accepts and respects diversity, where every employee finds their work meaningful while working together to achieve optimal organizational performance.
 Our medium- to long-term talent strategy states "Enhance the management of the Group by securing and fostering adaptive talents and building a healthy organizational culture and promote sustainable growth by implementing measures for improving social values." We consider it essential for corporations to continuously develop leadership talents and diverse talents who excel and keep pace with changes in order to strive competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Group-wide talent development system

Group-wide education system

Leadership Values in the Mitsubishi Materials Group

In February 2016, in order to clarify the competencies and skills common to leaders in our Group’s various businesses, we drew up “Leadership Values in the Mitsubishi Materials Group” (“Leadership Values” hereinafter), which is to be used as a set of guidelines for our leadership development.
 Among the three Leadership Values listed, “Integrity and Spirit of a Leader” has especially deep roots in our tradition of commitment and responsibility for the safety and livelihood of our employees. Our Group traces its roots back to the era of coal and metal mining, where the workplace sometimes put ones’ life in danger. This value is therefore universal among requisite leadership qualities that have been passed down unbroken through generations in the Group, and was selected as one of core values through keen discussions among management.
 Our Leadership Values are reflected in performance assessment of managers in the Company. This is aimed at encouraging higher-ranked employees to lead the awareness reform and embody the Leadership Values. The Company’s trainings by job grade have been designed in accordance with our Leadership Values, which afford Group employees opportunities for leadership development appropriate to the various stages of their careers.We have also commenced initiatives at each Group company seeking to achieve further penetration of these values within each company.

Next-Generation Leadership Talents Development Programs

In fiscal 2006, we established “Next-Generation Leadership Talent Development Programs” which seek to develop qualified candidates for our Group’s senior management positions. General managers considered as potential candidates for general manager and operating officer of the Company or presidents of major Group companies are identified as “Superiority Talents”, while managers considered as potential candidates for general managers, plant managers or CEO of Group companies are identified as “Advancing Talents”, and selected for further training and development.
 At the same time, we are currently engaged in efforts to transform our HR strategies, and are also working to fundamentally advance the programs.