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Labor Union and Management Partnership

Labor Union and Management Partnership

Labor Union and Management Partnership

Under our union shop scheme, we respect collective bargaining rights and freedom of association as the basic rights of workers, thereby striving to maintain a good labor-management relationship. The scheme also enables us to share information and exchange opinions between labor and management on a regular basis. Our biannual Labor-Management Conference in particular is aimed at strengthening solidarity through active debate, covering subjects such as recent issues, strategies and policies in each sector, and establishing a shared direction in the interests of the company’s sustainable growth for the future. Also, management spend substantial time on careful explanation and consultation with labor upon facing such events as business restructuring.
As of the end of March 2020, the number of union members amongst those directly employed by Mitsubishi Materials (including employees on assignment) stood at 3,878. Including group companies, the total number of members was 8,397.

Number of union members

Subject Number
Mitsubishi Materials 3,878
Overall Group 8,397

Employment Statistics (As of March 31, 2020)

Number of employees (full-time equivalent)

Subject Employees Temporary Staff
Non-consolidated 4,906 1,097
Consolidated 28,601 5,659
Japan 17,098
Overseas 11,503

Employee training

Total hours of training (annual) Average hours per employee (annual)
93,494 hours 18.8 hours

Employee numbers according to location (consolidated)

Location Employees
Japan 17,098
North America 3,874
South America 30
Oceania 11
Europe 1,227
East Asia 1,083
Southeast Asia 5,278
Total 28,601

Graduate recruitment

Subject Graduate recruitment
University graduates
(including graduate school)
High school graduates
Men 80 92
Women 29 15
Total 109 107

Breakdown of employees (full-time equivalent)

Subject Manager Regular employees Total Average service Average age
Men 1,254 3,045 4,299 17.7 years 41.7 years
Women 28 579 607 14.3 years 38.3 years
Total 1,282 3,624 4,906 17.3 years 41.3 years

We ensure fair treatment irrespective of gender, with no difference in benefits or wages between male or female employees.

Percentage of women in management positions 1.80%

Employee turnover (employees leaving the company in FY2020)

Subject Aged under 30 Aged 30-49 Aged 50 or over Total
Number of employees
leaving company
Men 45 30 123 198
Women 11 4 12 27
Total 56 34 135 225
Turnover Men 4.8% 1.6% 8.6% 4.6%
Women 6.4% 1.3% 13.5% 4.8%
Total 5.0% 1.5% 8.9% 4.6%

“Employees leaving the company” refers to those who leave the company because they have reached the mandatory retirement age, those who leave the company voluntarily or involuntarily, and those who are dismissed.