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Stakeholder Communication

Building and Enhancing Relations with Stakeholders

Building and Enhancing Relations with Stakeholders

Dialogue with Shareholders

Our Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders offers an invaluable opportunity for direct communication between our management members and shareholders. We therefore strive to send out convocation notices at the earliest possible date, while also providing details on our Website, to give shareholders sufficient time to consider the matters to be presented and resolved at the meeting. We continue to expand the range of our information disclosure, by posting new content to our annual business report, including details of our policies concerning remuneration and the status of corporate governance.
Besides permitting shareholders to exercise their voting rights in writing or online, we have introduced an electronic voting platform to facilitate voting by both domestic and international institutional investors.
We use slides with accompanying narrations at the General Meeting of Shareholders to help ensure participants’ clear comprehension of the presented contents. We also publish shareholders’ voting results for every resolution on the Website, after the meeting.
In December 2019, we held a small meeting between outside directors and major domestic institutional investors who own our shares. They conducted a free discussion on a wide range of topics, mainly our corporate governance, successfully deepening the participants’ understanding of our initiatives.

Distribution of shareholders

Distribution of shareholders

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Dialogue with Investors

Meetings for Investors

IR経営説明会での説明(小野執行役社長)Presentation at investor conference
(Naoki Ono, Cheif Executive Officer)

We organize earnings information meetings for institutional investors and securities analysts to coincide with our quarterly earnings announcements. In addition to providing a breakdown of our earnings and explanations regarding matters such as management policy, we also accept questions and comments from participants so as to reflect their views in our IR activities via channels such as feedback to management.
We also organize facility tours on an ongoing basis and arrange interviews with institutional investors and securities analysts at home and abroad. As exercises in active communication, such interviews enable us to clarify operating strategies and other aspects of our business and engage in constructive exchanges of opinions.
We have been participating in information meetings for individual investors since fiscal 2010.
We are committed to maintaining an active IR schedule and ensuring

IR activities in fiscal 2019

Description Number of times during fiscal 2019
Interviews with institutional investors 165
Overseas IR visits (Europe, USA, Asia) 16
Facility tours for institutional investors 2
Earnings information meetings for individual investors 5