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Stakeholder Communication

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Building and Enhancing Relations with Stakeholders

Dialogue with Shareholders

Our Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders offers an invaluable opportunity for direct communication between our management members and shareholders. We therefore strive to send out convocation notices at the earliest possible date, while also providing details on our Website, to give shareholders sufficient time to consider the matters to be presented and resolved at the meeting. We continue to expand the range of our information disclosure, by posting new content to our annual business report, including details of our policies concerning remuneration and the status of corporate governance.
Besides permitting shareholders to exercise their voting rights in writing or online, we have introduced an electronic voting platform to facilitate voting by both domestic and international institutional investors.
We use slides with accompanying narrations at the General Meeting of Shareholders to help ensure participants’ clear comprehension of the presented contents. We also publish shareholders’ voting results for every resolution on the Website, after the meeting.
Further, to improve shareholder convenience, a hybrid participation-type General Meeting of Shareholders (live streaming) has been conducted from the 96th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 24, 2021. The streamed video of the General Meeting of Shareholders will also be posted on the Company’s website for a certain period of time.

Distribution of Shareholders

Distribution of shareholders


Dialogue with Investors


In fiscal 2022, financial results briefings (quarterly), Investor Conference, IR Day, and ESG meetings were held for institutional investors and securities analysts.
At each meeting, we explained the contents of our financial results, management strategy and ESG initiatives, etc., and utilize the questions and opinions received from participants by feeding them back to management. We also actively exchange opinions and communicate through individual meetings with institutional investors and securities analysts and participation in conferences hosted by securities companies.
We are also communicating with individual investors by engaging in dialogue with them in briefings for individual investors hosted by securities companies, by posting our shareholder newsletters on our website, etc.
Although opportunities to have conventional face-to-face activities have been reduced, partly due to the impact of COVID-19, we will continue to engage in proactive IR and SR activities by deepening dialogue with stakeholders and maintaining and improving information disclosure, while utilizing telephone conference and online systems.

IR and SR Activities in Fiscal 2022

Item Number of times held during fiscal 2022
Financial Results Briefing (quarterly) 4
Investor Conference 1
IR Day 1
ESG meeting 1
Individual IR/SR meeting 131
Overseas IR 4
Domestic conference hosted by a securities company 2
Briefing for individual investors hosted by a securities company 2

*All of the above were held online (telephone or web meetings).