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Respect for Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights

1. Human Rights Policy

In developing our businesses globally, we believe that it is essential not only to comply with the laws and regulations of each country, but also to respect international human rights standards. In December 2021, the Mitsubishi Materials Group established a Human Rights Policy in compliance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and is promoting initiatives to respect human rights. This Policy applies to all officers and employees of the Mitsubishi Materials Group. We also expect the Group's business partners to support and practice this Policy and aim to promote respect for human rights together with them.

Human Rights Policy

Established on December 1, 2021

  1. Respect for International Human Rights Norms
  2. Governance and Promotion Structure
  3. Human Rights Due Diligence
  4. Stakeholder Engagement
  5. Grievance Mechanisms
  6. Training and Awareness-Raising
  7. Reporting and Disclosure
  8. Commitment to Human Rights Issues

2. Human Rights Roadmap

To enhance our human rights initiatives, the Mitsubishi Materials Group will drive human rights due diligence internally, as we seek to reduce human rights risks. We will also drive collaborative initiatives with our business partners. We plan to establish a PDCA cycle to identify and review assumed risks based on the results of fact-finding surveys on human rights issues, further instill it internally through human rights awareness trainings and other measures, and expand them globally.
From fiscal 2023, we will work on the following three items in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in order to mitigate and prevent our business activities from negatively impacting human rights.

  • Dissemination of commitment to human rights policy
  • Implementation of human rights due diligence
  • Remedial action (processes that enable remedial action for negative impact on human rights caused or promoted by businesses)


3. Human Rights Initiatives


Commitment under the Policy
In FY2022, we conducted internal human rights awareness trainings on a group-wide basis in Japan with regard to privacy issues on the internet, human rights, and power harassment (abuse of authority),etc. Total of 7,717 employees underwent a combined total of 7,395 hours of training. We also gave trainings on power harassment as a part of CSR director training. A combined total of 426 hours of training was given to 142 persons.
We began to provide human rights training as a part of training for managing directors in FY2022.
Human Rights Due Diligence
  1. Human rights due diligence within the Mitsubishi Materials Group
    At the Mitsubishi Materials Group, we will perform human rights due diligence to identify, assess, prevent, and mitigate negative impacts on human rights related to our business activities. For the identification and assessment, we will incorporate the opinions of external specialists and include human rights issues throughout the value chain
    Creation of a roadmap for human rights due diligence
    Designing the overall procedures of managing human rights risks
    Human rights risk assessment
  2. Human rights due diligence in the supply chain
    See Responsibility throughout the Value Chain - Procurement and Supplier Initiatives in the ESG Report
Remedial Measures
For employees of the Group, we have established consultation offices, including overseas offices. In Japan, we began to comply with the revised Whistleblower Protection Act in June 2022. In other countries, we raise awareness through training sessions and other opportunities to increase the effectiveness.
For inquiries from outside the Group, we currently have a contact for inquiry at our corporate website. We are considering setting up a designated contact point for accepting inquiries from each stakeholder.