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Stakeholder Communication

Employee Communication

Employee Communication

Labor Union and Management Partnership

Under our union shop scheme, we respect collective bargaining rights and freedom of association as the basic rights of workers, thereby striving to maintain a good labor-management relationship. The scheme also enables us to share information and exchange opinions between labor union and management on a regular basis. In particular, our biannual Labor-Management Conference, which is held with the Mitsubishi Materials Federation of Labor Unions, is aimed at strengthening solidarity through active discussion, covering subjects such as recent issues, strategies and policies in each sector, and establishing a shared direction in the interests of the Company’s sustainable growth for the future.
Also, management spend substantial time on careful explanation and consultation with labor upon facing such events as business restructuring. As of the end of March 2022, the number of union members amongst those directly employed by Mitsubishi Materials (including employees on assignment) stood at 4,858. Including labor unions of group companies that belong to Mitsubishi Materials Federation of Labor Unions, the total number of members was 7,084.

Number of Union Members (full-time equivalent)

Item Number of employees
Non-consolidated 4,858
Consolidated 7,084


Communication Measures

Implementing Wide-ranging Communication Measures to Support the Four Management Reforms and Becoming a Free, Strong Organization

The Group is implementing a wide range of communication measures in line with its policy that unrestricted communication is essential to building a better organization.
The Group’s vision for governance is to enable smooth, autonomous communication, particularly between Head Office and subsidiaries, between Head Office and plants, and within each subsidiary. Work is also being done to implement workplace revitalization in areas such as dialogue (communication work) and to enhance compliance awareness. These initiatives aim to develop a corporate culture that encourages the building of healthy and open relationships of mutual trust and understanding between managers and employees.

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring is being deployed on a Company-wide basis with the aim of fostering an organizational culture that facilitates frank communication and open discussion in all directions by promoting communication that transcends hierarchies and organizations. Mentoring is normally a system in which senior employees (mentors) provide advice and support to junior employees (mentees) relating to both work and personal matters. With reverse mentoring, however, young employees become the mentors and give mentoring to the managerial level. This also leads to more equitable communication with the managerial level and interaction between mentors.


Company-wide Implementation of 1-on-1

1-on-1 meetings have been introduced in order to enhance the quality and quantity of communication between managers and employees within workplaces, helping managers to provide continuous and timely support for the growth of those they lead. The hyphenation in “1-on-1” is included as an expression of the connection between managers and employees. These regular meetings are shorter and more frequent than conventional employee interviews, and employees can speak freely with peace of mind in the knowledge that their manager will listen attentively. This enhances the relationship of trust between managers and employees, creating workplaces with an even greater sense of “psychological safety.”


Inner Branding

The Group began its inner branding activities in fiscal 2022 with the goal of encouraging employees to take ownership of our Mission. We are implementing numerous initiatives based on the three directions of “1. Communication with management,” “2. Connect every single employee and the entire Group horizontally” and “3. Support each challenge.” In fiscal 2022, “Ambassadors," members recruited from among employees following applications from across the Group, played a central role in starting initiatives such as half-day workplace experiences and internal radio-style broadcasts. The development of new measures is planned to continue in future.

Ambassador Activities

Ambassadors for the promotion of inner branding have been appointed and are currently actively fulfilling this role. Their main role is to create a mechanism for each employee to take ownership of the Group’s Mission and apply it in their own behavior. Through discussions at regular monthly meetings, Ambassadors develop an understanding of the current situation and recognize issues while also holding interviews with the President and their colleagues, deepening discussion and formulating action plans. They also disseminated a wide range of information in fiscal 2022 to deepen understanding of the Group’s Mission among employees. Furthermore, Ambassadors have been active in promoting inner branding through activities such as guest appearances on internal radio-style broadcasts and half-day workplace experience trials.

Half-day Workplace Experiences

Half-day workplace experiences are being carried out as an opportunity for employees to experience jobs at other workplaces. By promoting communication to know (getting to know the people and work at other divisions and Group companies, and understanding how they contribute to the Mission) and connect (horizontal communication and relationship building that transcends divisions and companies, and horizontal communication and relationship building withing the workplace) to other divisions and Group companies, we will continue to establish an organizational culture that truly enables free and open-minded communication. This initiative also serves as an opportunity for individuals to consider their own career on an autonomous basis.


Internal Radio-style Broadcasts

Created to promote communication with managers and employees, regular radio-style broadcasts where the President personally acts as an entertainment personality, answering a range of questions from Group employees is delivered. Episodes of the show are also archived on Link MATERIALS for employees who are unable to listen to the stream in real time. Questions to the President are also received on a constant basis, and various innovations—including having managers and actual employees who have submitted questions appear as guests—are being trailed. We have received feedback that this opportunity to hear the President’s honest views and get an insight into his personality as he converses with guests in a friendly atmosphere distinct from official management messages leads to a better understanding of the Company and management reforms.

Link MATERIALS: An in-house website for the dissemination of information has been established, acting as a Group-wide communication hub for the timely dissemination of major news items, directional planning leading to revitalized communication and the introduction of initiatives aiming to realize the Group’s Mission.