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Securing Stable Products Supplies

Securing Stable Products Supplies:Copper products

We are expanding our recycling operations, which boast world-leading processing capacity, by using copper concentrate from environmentally friendly copper mines and taking advantage of the competitive edge of the Mitsubishi Process. Thus, we ensure steady supply of cleaner non-ferrous metals to society. While copper and precious metals grow more important reflecting the shift to EVs, IT, and decarbonized society, we fulfill our responsibility to supply materials with environmental considerations, thus contributing to the development of society and realization of a sustainable society.


Securing Stable Products Supplies: Cemented Carbide Products

More than 80% of the worldwide demand for tungsten, the main raw material used in cemented carbide tools, is supplied by China. Due in part to changes in the external environment with regard to resource policy, the scarcity of tungsten as a rare metal remains largely unchanged. We will remain committed to the recycling of used cemented carbide tools.

  FY2018 results FY2019 results FY2020 results FY2021 results FY2022 results FY2023 target
Ratio of recycled tungsten as raw material 17.8% 18.1% 28.3% 41.8% 43.5% 50.0%