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Responding to Climate Change



L1 地球温暖化防止と循環型社会構築への総合的な取り組み


Targets for 2020 and results/progress in FY2020

Targets for 2020 and results/progress in FY2020

* We have set out the following scale to indicate progress.
☆☆☆☆: 100% or higher achievement of milestones at the end of fiscal 2019 for achieving the 2020 targets,
☆☆☆: Between 80% and 100% achievement,
☆☆: Between 50% and 80% achievement,
☆: Zero to 50% achievement

Changes in energy consumption per unit (non-consolidated)


Changes in greenhouse gas emissions per unit (non-consolidated)


* Energy consumption per unit is calculated in accordance with the periodic report guidelines prescribed under Japan’s Act on the Rational Use of Energy (Energy Conservation Act). As the Company’s business is diverse, we identify a “value intimately related to energy use” for each business and use it as the denominator for calculations. We calculate each business’s contribution by multiplying the year-on-year of each business’s energy consumption per unit with that business’s share of the Company’s total energy use. The product is the Company’s total consumption per unit (year-on-year). Greenhouse gas emissions per unit is calculated in the same way.