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Effectively Implementing Compliance

Spreading and Establishing an Awareness of Compliance

Our broad view of compliance encompasses such elements as corporate ethics and social norms in addition to legal compliance, reflecting our sincere determination to live up to our stakeholders’ expectations.
We are continually implementing new measures to enhance our Group-wide compliance framework, including domestic and overseas training aimed at realizing our steadfast commitment to improving compliance awareness among individual Group employees. We will strive to continue these initiatives in an aim to further spread and establish an awareness of compliance.

Expanding and Reinforcing Compliance Education

We provide CSR education and training with a special emphasis on compliance for Mitsubishi Materials Group employees in Japan and overseas.
We have constructed a framework that enables every employee in every domestic Group company to participate in CSR training once a year. To accomplish this, we have been training instructors to provide CSR training for both our Corporate and Group companies since 2012. Employees responsible for promoting CSR activities at our individual facilities and Group companies serve as instructors for the training.
We invite outside experts to give lectures on CSR and Compliance to members of management. Additionally, since 2018 Company management has been providing training to members of management at Group companies to help them understand the responsibilities, duties and roles that executives are expected to fulfill in relation to governance and compliance, and to foster an awareness and acquire the means to achieve this.
We consider the details of overseas CSR education and training while taking into account the circumstances in each region. In addition to providing group training at our regional management companies overseas, in fiscal 2019 we also introduced online "WEBINAR" training courses, streamlining training over a wide range of regions. Special preliminary and global human resources training courses are organized to provide employees assigned overseas with training in CSR-related issues, including conflict minerals, human rights in emerging countries (such as child and forced labor), regulations concerning competition in the respective countries and overseas anticorruption measures.
We make proactive use of visiting instructors and e-learning in our training programs organized to enhance compliance awareness among employees both in Japan and overseas.

Education and Training Program Attendance during Fiscal 2020 (including 67 Group companies)★

Training Program Attendance
(Unit: cumulative total number of people)
CSR training at domestic facilities, branches and group companies 17,003
CSR training at overseas Group companies 369
Job-class-specific training 640
Others (including risk management training) 563
Total 18,575

Operation of the In-House Reporting System

Since December 2002 we have been operating an in-house reporting system to receive reports and handle inquiries from employees working for Mitsubishi Materials and other Group companies. From January 2020, the Mitsubishi Materials Group Employees Consultation Service, the point of contact for reporting and consultation, was outsourced to a dedicated outside contractor. We are dedicated to improving the handling system for Group companies, developing an appropriate framework for dealing with reports and inquiries, and strengthening our ability to take action. We also established a new Audit Committee Contact Office in June 2018 to contribute to work performed by Audit Committee members in detecting incidents, such as the recent spate of quality issues, and initiating corrective measures at an early stage. Contact information for these reporting systems is printed on cards to be carried by employees of the Mitsubishi Materials Group, and is also disseminated among all employees of the Group through the Group newsletter as well as CSR education and training activities. Steps are also being taken toward introducing an Overseas In-House Reporting System to aid in promoting a sound governance and compliance framework by contributing to the early detection of embezzlement, law violations and other illicit activities, or activities thought of as such, at overseas Group companies.

Numbers of reports and inquiries received through the In-house reporting system (FY)

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
24 33 38 42 61 58


Intellectual Property Management

We always respect third party intellectual property rights, whilst at the same time making sure that we adequately protect and reinforce our own rights. We have introduced and are implementing a tool to create and analyze IP Landscape to better incorporate big data analytics on patents into business and development strategies. Based on the analysis data, we will focus on filing applications and establishing rights in line with our business strategies and the R&D strategies that support them, as we continue to build a powerful array of intellectual property rights. We organize a range of in-house educational programs on an ongoing basis, in an effort to improve understanding of how to establish and use intellectual property and deal with the Company’s intellectual property risks through confirmation and advice regarding internal agreements related to intellectual property, such as non-disclosure and joint development agreements. Programs include position-specific training for employees from new recruits through to material level, training geared towards obtaining intellectual property qualifications, and optional training.
We also provide and release the knowledge gained from these activities, the issues faced, support tools and in-house seminars to Group companies in an effort to maintain and improve the level of governance of intellectual property for the business divisions of Mitsubishi Materials and Group companies, minimize risks associated with intellectual property, and maximize the value of our operations throughout the Group.

Reinforcing Intellectual Property Management in China and Southeast Asia

We have continued to develop a framework that will enable us to gather accurate information and adequately protect our rights, through cooperation with Mitsubishi Materials Group companies, Mitsubishi Group companies, overseas subsidiaries, and other overseas affiliated facilities. In China and Southeast Asia, we are developing systems for filing applications such as use of the Patent Prosecution Highway, or PPH, and stepping up efforts to tackle counterfeit products originating in China. In India meanwhile, we are ascertaining intellectual property-oriented information through our patent attorneys and local patent and intellectual property offices and working to enhance measures to protect our intellectual property.

Support in emerging countries

Support in emerging countries