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Responsibility in Value Chain

Building and Enhancing Relations throughout the Value Chain

Building and Enhancing Relations throughout the Value Chain

Advanced Products Business

Advanced Products Company (APC) operates two businesses in an integrated manner—the copper & copper alloy business and the electronic materials & components business—since they are very similar in terms of market needs and technology development. Taking advantage of our unique technologies, we offer various products in the markets of next-generation vehicles, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, industrial equipment, robots, and infrastructure, which are our focus market domain.
For the next-generation vehicle market, we supply oxygen-free copper and advanced copper alloys which are essential for high current, high voltage and large amounts of data communication; lead frames and other copper & copper alloy products; solar heat-ray shielding paints that are used mainly for automotive windows to save energy; and automotive electronic components such as sensors.
For the semiconductor manufacturing and electronics market, we offer processed silicon products and seals for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.For industrial equipment, robotics, and infrastructure, we supply superconducting wires and high-performance alloy wires used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners and scientific research, ECO BRASS and Glo Brass (an environmentally friendly,lead-free free machining brass), and others.In this way, APC contributes widely to the development of society, for instance in the popularization of new mobility services through providing high value-added products in response to mega trends.

Value Chain for the Advanced Products Business

Value chain for the advanced products business


Metalworking Solutions Business

In addition to the cutting tools that are essential for processing metal parts, we also supply rock tools, wear resistant tools, and other cemented carbide products, as well as sintered parts used in the engines and drive parts of vehicles and aircraft. We operate manufacturing and sales facilities worldwide, in China and other parts of Asia, the Americas and Europe. We support manufacturing across a range of different fields by providing high value-added products and services which cater to customer needs. Those products and services are underpinned by high levels of technical expertise and reliability. Our cemented carbide products boast the largest market share domestically. In addition, we proactively recycle tungsten, a rare metal that is the main raw material for cemented carbide. We are also focusing a great deal of effort on collecting used cemented carbide tools.

Value Chain in the Metalworking Solutions Business

Value chain in the advanced materials & tools business


Metals Business

Our metals business consists of three areas of business; mining, smelting and refining, and precious metals. In the mining sector, we invest in overseas copper mines in order to procure a steady supply of copper concentrate. In the smelting and refining sector, we manufacture and sell high quality products, both domestically and overseas, thanks to the Mitsubishi Process, which combines high efficiency with exceptionally low environmental impact. Making the most of the smelting process, we have also established a recycling system for recovering valuable metals from E-Scrap, as part of our active commitment to recycling resources. In the precious metals sector, we provide precious metal bullion products and services under the brand “Mitsubishi Gold,” including our accumulation plan service called “MY GOLD PARTNER” for gold, silver and platinum for individual customers. 

Value Chain for the Metals Business

Value chain for the metals business


Environment & Energy Business

In the energy business, we contribute to the building of a decarbonized society by providing a stable supply of renewable energy, including geothermal, hydroelectric and solar power. In the nuclear sector, our operations include treatment and disposal of radioactive waste and safety assessments. In the eco-recycling sector, we operate recycling plants that we have established together with home appliance manufacturers, while working collaboratively within the Group to expand resource recycling, not least through our smelting and cement recycling system.

Value Chain for the Environment & Energy Business


Affiliated Businesses (Cement)

We operate a wide range of affiliated businesses via our highly distinctive group companies. Our affiliated engineering and trading companies support all manner of industrial infrastructure, not only the semiconductor industry. Salt producing companies provide a stable supply of salt, which is essential to our daily lives. We also contribute to local societies through the operation of a diverse range of businesses, including tourist mine businesses (making use of former mining sites).
Moreover, we play a part in promoting renewable energy through geothermal power generation and the utilization of geothermal heat, making effective use of advanced drilling techniques and survey methods.

Cement is an essential basic material to our modern society, not least for the construction of roads, bridges, ports and buildings. In the cement business, we have established a wide-ranging business structure, from mining limestone, the main raw material in cement, through to cement plants, transportation, sales, ready-mixed concrete plants, and construction companies, etc. With this structure, we contribute to the development of social infrastructure and undertake global activities via production and sales facilities in Japan and other countries. We supply high quality products such as low-heat cement, ultra-high strength concrete cement, and non-shrink grout, in addition to regular Portland cement and other general-purpose products. Furthermore, we actively take in difficult-to-treat waste products at our cement plants, and detoxify them using a high-temperature burning process at 1,450°C. Effectively reusing resources like this enables us to contribute to the establishment of a recycling-oriented society.

  • In the process of the integration of Cement business and related businesses between UBE Corporation (formerly Ube Industries, Ltd.), on April 1, 2022, MMC's Cement business and related businesses were assumed by Mitsubishi UBE Cement Corporation (an equity method affiliate of MMC) through an absorption-type company split.