Initiatives to Create New Value

Strengthening of Manufacturing


Pursuing Manufacturing Capabilities

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) aims to fully utilize Group support functions and achieve the MMC Group vision by having each operating division continually layout a vision for raising manufacturing capability to the next level. By swiftly resolving issues with the use of human and technological resources inside and outside the Group, we will succeed in creating manufacturing capabilities that set us apart from the competition.

Key Points to be Improved Upon in Fiscal 2024 and Beyond

Through initiatives aimed at raising manufacturing capability to the next level, we will achieve our vision for plants based on business strategies that lead to medium- to long-term business growth, improve our ability to identify issues by utilizing digital technologies that enable production process upgrade, and enhance our ability to make meaningful improvements by innovating the way we work.
We will also make proactive use of external knowledge in an effort to further enhance manufacturing capabilities.
In our plant vision, we will consider effective mechanisms to streamline vision development and the process of following up on the measures implemented. Under our manufacturing management framework, we have completed the initial assessment of Kaizen capabilities and factory management capabilities, and will check the progress of improvement plans. Meanwhile, we have completed the design of innovation power and organizational and human resource development capabilities, and will roll out an initial evaluation of these elements. In production process upgrade, we are working on multiple themes, and have already developed equipment related to the theme of AI-based inspection automation and installed the equipment at a plant. We plan to aggressively roll out these advancements so that the elemental technologies gained through these development activities can be used at other plants as well. We are also pursuing the development of smart factories, and have made progress in the selection of model businesses and factories, defining elemental technologies and initiating surveys and development. In fiscal 2024 we will continue to establish elemental technologies to improve quality, reduce labor and achieve reduced manufacturing lead times. MMC has also developed a practical manufacturing human resource training program for young employees. We will apply the program to each field of manufacturing, development, sales and management, and implements more effective initiatives that will help improve the profitability of our plants. We are also pursuing initiatives to develop DMAIC (quantitative process improvement) leaders among management at each plant. In fiscal 2024, we will continue to raise manufacturing issues and strengthen activities to establish improvement themes. Utilizing the expertise and technologies we have cultivated to date, we will work to solve issues under an efficient framework.


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