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Stakeholder Communication

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

As a part of our quality management activities, we analyze complaints and conduct customer satisfaction surveys at all Mitsubishi Materials facilities and group companies in order to reflect the diverse views of our customers. We take analysis results and customers’ comments seriously and submit our findings to management reviews, in an effort to provide customers with better quality products and services.

Advanced Products Business: The First Call Vendor for Customers

We deliver advanced products that are essential for customers, leveraging our manufacturing technologies like oxygen-free copper, high-performance copper alloys, and silicon, as well as process technologies like bonding different materials.
Sharing the future product road map with customers to identify the functional value they demand promptly, we will be a good partner of our customers as their first call vendor.

Metalworking Solutions: Customer Technical Support Activities


At our Machining Technology Center, we provide technical support to help our customers use cutting tools correctly. We offer the Machining Academy to increase attendees’ knowledge of tools and cutting operations, along with cutting tests and technical support aimed at enabling our customers to use our tools more efficiently. We also offer toll-free telephone technical counseling. With these and other support services, we strive to ensure direct communication with our customers at all times. 104 seminars (attended by 2,899 people) were conducted during fiscal 2020, and there were 734 customer visits. Based on customer demand, we will continue to provide comprehensive solutions through technical diagnoses of processing lines and analyses of cutting operations on them.

Metals: Meeting Customers' Needs

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction by providing products and services that meet our customers’ needs. With more and more home appliances and electronic devices being recycled in recent years, in all corners of the world, we are focusing on processing E-Scrap to extract precious metals. Operations take place at our Naoshima Smelter & Refinery, which introduced a new online system for customers in 2014, called “NEWS.” This has enabled us to process transactions quickly and smoothly online, from making appointments to bring in E-Scrap through to checking progress and payment details.

Cement Business: Valuing the Feedbacks from Our Customers

The various types of cement, which are our main products, are supplied to our customers in Japan and abroad via Ube-Mitsubishi Cement Corporation, our Group logistics and sales company.
They always share information about product quality, service, customer inquiries and customer product feedbacks with us. This allows us to further increase customer satisfaction by improving our steady supply of stable-quality cement.

Environment & Energy Business: Efforts to obtain trust from customers

We are contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society through the business of recycling mineral resources and the development of renewable energy.
In the eco-recycling sector, we devise creative measures to continue to improve the recycling process, including methods of recovering raw materials, so as to supply recycled resources (such as copper, iron, and resins) in a well-planned manner by offering grades and quantity demanded by customers. In addition, at each recycling plant, we are proactively providing plant tours to customers as part of our social contribution activities, with the goal of creating opportunities to provide environmental training.
With respect to renewable energy, we inspect and maintain our facilities daily, aiming to contribute to the building of a decarbonized society by maintaining the stable supply of energy with less environmental impact over long periods of time. We also provide new value derived from renewable energy by providing electricity to regional power producers and suppliers under the concept of "local production and local consumption of energy" and participating in the auction for non-fossil fuel energy certificates, in our efforts to obtain trust from customers and local communities.

Aluminium Business:CS Activities

MMC Group company Universal Can Corporation strives to operate with meticulous care and a well-prepared quality control system to ensure safe and reliable food.
niversal Can has already obtained certification for the ISO 22000 (FSMS) food safety management system standard and its advanced variant FSSC 22000 across all of its plants. By ensuring the effective functioning of the management systems, we provide good quality aluminum beverage cans to our beverage manufacturer clients and by extension, to all consumers. As a manufacturer dealing with food containers, in the future we will endeavor to raise the level of food hygiene and safety.