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Collaboration Between Diverse Talents

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Basic Policy

We have stipulated our basic policies regarding Diversity and Inclusion in the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance, Sustainability Policy, and Human Rights Policy. We have also established the Guidelines for Support of Women’s Development and Advancement as our policy on promotion of women's development and advancement.
We have posted these basic policies in our internal HR portal website and continue to inform and cultivate the policies for all employees through activities such as explanations during internal training programs.

◆ Basic Policy on Corporate Governance (Excerpt)

Based on the belief that employees are the source of new values and the Group's sustainable growth, we aim to maximize organizational performance by creating workplace environments in which team members with diversity in every respect, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, disability, nationality, national origin, social origin, and professional background, can coexist, mutually respect one another, and actively demonstrate their individual abilities at their very best. (Article 10)

◆ Sustainability Policy (Excerpt)

We embrace diversity and acknowledge its importance in creating new value. We will promote Diversity and Inclusion as a source of sustainable growth within the Group. (Article 3)

◆ Human Rights Policy (Excerpt)

We aim to build workplaces where team members with diverse attributes, values, and experiences can coexist and mutually respect one another, and where individuals can work confidently with a sense of growth and fulfillment as they elevate each other and demonstrate their capabilities to the full. (Article 8) 

◆Guidelines for Supporting Women's Development and Advancement 
  1. Actively promoting Diversity and Inclusion to embrace and respect diverse personalities, as well as to create new values, that are the sources of sustainable growth for the Group. Such promotion is one of our management strategies, and active participation of female talents is indispensable. 
  2. Aiming to be a place where all female talents with diverse personalities can demonstrate their individual abilities at their very best at all workplaces, occupation fields and positions, while experiencing growth and self-realization.
  3. Fostering culture where every female talent can independently and autonomously build and develop their careers by improving the work environment, expanding the work area and support that respect viewpoints of work.


Targets to Achieve by the End of Fiscal 2026 and Actual Conditions

As our vision for Company-wide Diversity and Inclusion, we aim to increase the number of female and non-Japanese managers by about 2.5 times and the number of mid-career hire managers by about 1.5 times over that of fiscal 2021 by fiscal 2026.
For female manager, we also aim to increase the percentage of all managers to 5.0% or higher by the end of fiscal 2026.

Targets for the Number of Female, Non-Japanese and Mid-Career Hire Managers

Subject   FY2026 Target
Female managers Number compared to FY2021: Approx. 2.5 times
Non-Japanese managers Approx. 2.5 times
Mid-career hire managers Approx. 1.5 times

Trends and Targets for Percentage of Women in Management Positions


* Results as of the end of March each fiscal year

Number and Ratio of Female Directors, Executive officers and Managers

Subject Number Ratio
Female Directors
(as of June 23, 2023)
2 (out of 11) 18.1%
Female Executive Officers
(as of April 1, 2023)
1 (out of 9) 11.1%
Female Managers
(as of April 1, 2023)
45 (out of 1,721) 2.6%


Our Initiatives

To achieve our targets by the end of fiscal 2026, we are involved in measures to construct a base and disseminate inclusion, including developing of the environment necessary to promote Diversity and Inclusion, as well as promoting a wide range of measures for women, non-Japanese, and experienced mid-career hires, employees with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community.

Main Initiatives

Base construction and dissemination of inclusion measures
  • Opening Diversity & Inclusion hotline
  • Distribution of video content related to Diversity and Inclusion for all employees
  • Implementation of unconscious bias e-learning for all employees
  • Implementing programs on Diversity and Inclusion in “MMC Core Training”
  • Conducting seminars for all employees on renewing work styles and encouraging male employees to take childcare leave
  • Conducting nursing care seminars for all employees
  • Including  Diversity and Inclusion elements in behavioral evaluation for managers
  • Conducting engagement survey for all employees
  • Discussing Diversity and Inclusion at the Board of Directors 
Career support measures
  • Conducting career interviews
  • Opening the employee hotline
  • Implementing career design training
Support of women’s development and advancement
  • Sponsorship Program (support for career acceleration sponsored by Executive Officers) (for female managers and female career track employees)
  • Career development support (for female career track employees)
  • Implementing action plans at offices and plants
  • Providing external training opportunities
Support for non-Japanese employees
  • Active participation in recruitment events for international students
  • Foreign language support for company entrance exams
  • Language education support both before and after hiring
Support for mid-career hires
  • Enriching information related to mid-career recruitment on our website
  • Onboarding support initiatives
Support for employees with disabilities
  • Implementing action plans at offices and plants
  • Strengthening of connection with external associations for employees with disabilities 
  • Employment support for employees with disabilities (trainees from special education schools) 
LGBTQ+ support
  • Release of in-house handbook to promote understanding of LGBTQ+
  • Training sessions led by LGBTQ+ people for Human Resources staff
  • Sponsorship of Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

We engage in a range of initiatives to promote the employment of people with disabilities.
Many employees with disabilities work at the Marunouchi Head Office and the Saitama Office, a “model workplace for disabled employees” aimed at enabling people with disabilities to learn, grow and contribute to society through their work.
At the Marunouchi Head Office, we mainly provide jobs such as cleaning and sterilization of the cafeteria and meeting rooms. At the Saitama Office, in addition to cleaning and sterilization of the cafeteria and training and accommodation facilities, the jobs include maintaining greenery on company premises, and producing business cards, including for the Group companies. We assign guidance staff to each workplace to respect the individuality and potential of each employee with a disability, innovate and improve how they work, and to foster their growth in a way that promotes a sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction.
We also accept the internship of students from local schools for special needs education, actively hold events such as company tours, and support the employment of students attending schools for special needs education, such as by motivating them to work at a company through these activities.